Lake Meditation

This meditation is done in a lying or reclining position, and begins by paying attention to the actual sensations of contact and support as you lie here, noticing where your body is making contact, how your weight is distributed on the floor, bed or recliner... actually sensing into your body, feeling your feet... your legs... hips... lower and upper body... arms... your shoulders and your head... And when you are ready, bringing awareness to breath, the actual physical sensations, feeling each breath as it comes in and goes out... letting the breath be just as it is, without trying to change or regulate it in any way... allowing it to flow easily and naturally, with its own rhythm and pace, knowing you are breathing perfectly well right now, nothing for you to do, allowing a sense of being complete, whole, in this very moment, just letting your breath be your breath... Read More

Shared By Brian

Cultivating Unconditional Friendliness through Meditation

The first 10 minutes of this audio only YouTube recording are a guided meditation. This entire recording is a 45 minute series of meditations interspersed with teaching about cultivating unconditional friendliness. Many of you may know Pema Chodron as an author and teacher. Her teaching is unfailingly kind and wise. She refers to “bodhicitta” at the beginning of the talk. It translates to “enlightenment-mind” which is the mind that strives toward awakening empathy and compassion for the benefit of all. I chose this because much of this talk touches on impermanence and the desire to cling to moments or thoughts. She speaks at the end of the recording about cultivating our inherent capacity to let go. I thought it was apropos to the conversation today.

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MBSR Meditations

Shared By Christine McNulty-Buckley

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